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House Iconic

House Iconic is an Interior Design Studio based in Dublin, Ireland. Our approach to interior design is to create both functional and visually aesthetic homes for the Client. Offering both E-Designs and end-to-end design and execution for our Clients.

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Ella Ashworth 

 I began my journey into a career in Interior Design in 2015. I studied Interior Design in college, and after I graduate I began gaining knowledge through various design firms and sectors. From designing custom furniture to bespoke vanity units and everything in between, I gained a wealth of knowledge within the industry before deciding to go out on my own.  

My goal is to help you bring your unique style to every corner of your living space. Drawing inspiration from influential designers like Natalie Myers, Amber Interiors, and House Nine Design, I specialize in crafting spaces that are both functional and beautiful, using color, texture, and pattern to bring your vision to life. Whether you're interested in a complete home renovation or looking to add some new life to your space, I'm here for you.

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